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Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
. that is why we've had protests yesterday in 100 cities, fast to get more trying money. so that creates a real issue as look at the restaurant stocks. right? because they may have to start paying more money, perhaps. did.s what we we tried to figure out who are the most profitable restaurants and who are the least and who at so take a look. panera. o ual sales for employee of $115,000. burger king, $106,000. mcdonald's, $64,000, wendy's wendy's, $57,000. mcdonald's, half asw and burger king. suddenly minimum wage going up, these are the guys who are going to get hit the hardest. case of wind yes -- wendy's, watch this. stock up 83% this year. say, wait. it's up 83%. it's only growing earnings at it's tradings and at 30 times. why would i necessarily want to long wendy's when there's this pending, perhaps, minimum wage issue? that's the problem. priorities completely backwards in this country. minimum wage, you're not making enough. workingetter off not and collecting on insurance. it's hard to fathom. >> unbelievable. really interesting. thank you for that. coming up next, we're going
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
want to be along the euro now? this is the presentation out of city today to city clients trading at fx. down.ver it the gift that keeps on giving. here he is again. >> interesting. closer says europe is slowly making progress but it should not be your beacon of hope in 2014. .is book he got his start on wall street josh, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. all be thatnnot bad? class ethic think it has problems. the banking union is one of the big stories we will watch in 2014. we will move to a single supervisory mechanism. the problem is the banks still have a lot of troubled asset. there is little by way of resolution funds. about 50 billion resolution funds. you will have a lot of uncertainty as the stress tests comes out. moving toward the risk of deflation. address not a way to that if the ecb continues to push against the issue of qa. >> that is not a new concern. the deflation issue is out there. >> but now we have assets being moves. we do not have banks increasing provision, and we will have a tough year in the banking sector, still too integrated. i spoke to a european ban
Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
walking offer the job, but fast food workers are because of wages. it started in new york city last year. it has grown to about 100 city. in some washington are behind the workers. 53 accept a letter to mcdonald's, yum brands and others calling on companies to increase employee play. obama jumped in. he said they work their tales off and live barely above poverty. $10:10 support a minimum wage. they want $15. >> they want $15 minimum for any worker. >> think about this. if you had any relative that was working negligence a full-time job, one of these jobs, would you want them making that wage. >> the average wage is about $8.9 in these places. you are looking at $16,000 or $17,000 a year to make a living. nobody can make a living at that rate. >> if we all agree it is not going to hurt the economy to raise the minimum wage, why don't we raise it to $50? that is a much better idea. >> hang on. hang on. >> let's mac it $500. >> remember this. it is true if people make more, they are going to spend more, but it also means prices are going up. those dollar meals at mcdonald's, they won't be
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3